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Mamiko Konishi

Send us an e-mail posting the Subject reffering the car you are inquiring about. In your mail, please let us know your name and phone number.
  We will send you a quotation.
  If you agree to it, we will issue a Proforma Invoice with your information on it, and send it back to you together with the Contract.
  You must sign both the Proforma Invoice and Contract and send them back to us. Next, you must make the payment.
  Once we confirm the money in our bank account, we will organize the shipment. Then we will inform you the shipping schedule. After the ship leaves Japan, documents called B/L will be sent to us from the shipment company. We will send it to you together with the Export Certificate by DHL as soon as possible.
  You will need those documents to receive the car at the port. (Please check about taxes with your country`s authority before you go to the port.)

Placing an Order

Please fill in all of the provisions of the Request Form below,and place your order.


Please click here for the Request Form.


Payment of Deposit

Please make a deposit payment of 10% of the CIF total to our company's bank account.


Confirmation of The Deposit

As soon as we confirm the 10%deposit in our account,we will issue a Deposit Receipt together with the PRO-FORMA INVOICE.


Confirmation of The Car of Order

We will contact you as soon as we find the car that you have ordered.
If our company cannot find the car within 1 month from the day of your deposit payment, we will refund all of deposit payment to your bank account.
It is possible to extend the period for us to search for the car of your request.


Making The Payment

Please make the rest of the payment within 1 week from the day we contact you.
If we do not receive your payment within 1 week , we will consider your order as to have been cancelled.
*note: Depending on the circumstances in some countries, it may take longer for the payment to be transferred into our bank account.
Please be sure to ask your bank how long the transfer may take.


Shipment of Your Car

As soon as we confirm your payment in our bank account, we will ship your car from Japan to your port named.

Our company also Executes Bidding in Auto Vehicle Auctions!

We will execute bidding in Japanese Auto Vehicle Auctions at a low agent fee.
Please feel free to ask us about details by e-mail!